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The Case of the See-through Skirt

I was originally going to see if I could figure out who the model in the image was, but all of the results were coming back in Chinese. While I do think it is worth knowing who she is in the event there are other pictures from the set, I realized more importantly that her skirt isn’t see-through. At least not as much as in the top picture.

I thought maybe they just upped the contrast since the original definitely has some transparency, but in messing with various settings, I don’t believe there is enough pixel data to generate any authentic level of detail as shown in the top picture.

So, my professional opinion is that the transparency was cleverly added via airbrush, but is probably an accurate representation of what it WOULD look like if the skirt were that transparent.

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I guess this is a booty chop for those times when all the round things weren’t round enough. Surprised they didn’t make the diamond bigger. Or remove it completely so she could be single.

My initial search didn’t turn up the name of the model. Do any honorary detectives out there know?

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